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Stepping Stones Essays - Batting, Preparation, Baseball,

Baseball Season Preparation Baseball has always been America?s natural past time. Many fans love watching baseball but do not realize how hard it is to prepare for a season. Most fans think the players just show up on the first day. I think this belief is completely false. I feel that preparing for a baseball season requires a lot of preparation. The preparation I tend use includes working on my swing, working out, and studying other people?s ideas on hitting. These steps are necessary for me to have a successful season. These steps have proven to be a valuable aid in helping me to prepare for the season. I believe these steps are the basic steps to becoming a great baseball player. Developing my swing is the first step I use in preparing for the upcoming season. There are a few different techniques I use to work on my swing. The first way is to take hitting lessons. I learn much of my knowledge about hitting from taking hitting lessons. My usual routine consists of taking lessons three times a week. This allows me to be evaluated by a professional. I took hitting lessons from the same coach for five straight years. His teachings have helped me become a much better hitter. Another way I develop my swing is by practicing daily. Even though I take hitting lessons, I still need more work. I am lucky enough to have access to a facility that has hitting cages. This allows me to work in the winter and during inclimate weather. By going to work on my swing on my own, I am able to work on the skills that my hitting instructor has taught me. This seems like it would take a long time, but it does not. I carefully plan out my time, and this allows me to use my time wise ly. I allot times to work different aspects of my swing. By doing this, I am able to cover all aspects of my swing. I also videotape my swing, and this allows me to view myself afterwards. Since I videotape my practice sessions, I can go over my sessions afterwards. I have caught and fixed many mistakes my carefully watching my swing on the recordings. Developing my swing is the first of three main steps I use in preparing for the upcoming season. Next, I work out using weights to improve my chances for success in the upcoming season. I believe that this step puts me ahead of the other athletes. A strict weight training schedule has allowed me to stay in top shape throughout the years. When I approached my parents about buying a very expensive gym membership they were skeptical. They simply did not think I would stay dedicated to my routine. After four years of a tough weight training schedule, they finally believe me. At the beginning of the off season, I set a routine that I follow throughout the year. These exercises include bench press, squats, and leg presses. I started out going five days a week, but now I realize that is not necessary. I go to the gym on Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays. Working out also decreases my chance for injury during the actual season. During my sophomore year of high school, our top player, Bradley Prince, blew out his shoulder. This injury could have easily been prevented if he would have fo llowed a strict weight training schedule. I believe a strict weigh training schedule is a necessary step in preparing for the upcoming season. The final step I use in preparing for the upcoming season is studying other people?s ideas on hitting. Baseball is a sport that is all over the television. This works to my advantage. When the Atlanta Braves are playing on TBS, I get to study the top players in major league baseball. While most fans are only watching for enjoyment, I am watching to learn. I record many games out of the year, and later break each players individual swing down. I also read many books on the different styles for hitting. For example, I read about five books by the hitting coach of the Oakland A?s. By reading

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Medicine Term Paper Writing Guide You Shouldn’t Miss

Medicine Term Paper Writing Guide You Shouldn’t Miss To write a thorough medical term paper, you should consider all the peculiarities of this type of writing. Besides, it should be mentioned that medical papers are difficult to write due to the complexity of topics and terminology. Even though a medicine term paper writing requires a lot of efforts, medical students have to complete it every term. With the help of a medical term paper, professors are able to evaluate how well a student comprehends the materials presented during the term. This type of essay may be written on various topics related to medical sciences be it anatomy, microbiology, pharmacology, physiology, and public health. You can be assigned to write a medical term paper about various health issues such as pregnancy, medicine, and physical disturbances. Therefore, one may state that medical science is a vast field that includes plenty of information to be researched and described. Main Characteristics of Term Paper Writing In general, a medical term paper is a lengthy essay that should be written on a subject based on the works performed during the term. Consequently, you should just support the received knowledge of different pieces of research. What is more, a term paper is an analytical and critical report on the selected topic. Therefore, it should consist of two equally important aspects, namely your own thoughts about the topic and a demonstration of comprehension of the chosen literature. Hence, the primary goal of this paper is to summarize the material you have learned and present the understanding of the topic. In addition, it is important to start writing your medical term paper as soon as possible to have enough time to proofread it. Apart from that, the best medicine term paper writing should include some investigations and statistic data to support your ideas and arguments. It has to be mentioned that you should use the information only from the reliable sources, for example, you can use websites which ends in .edu and .gov. Therefore, in some cases, term papers can be referred to as research papers since they investigate a specific matter with the help of the combination of personal knowledge and findings of some experts. What is more, if you are allowed, you can express your opinion about the selected matter at the end of the paper. Hence, one may consider that this type of essay is quite similar to the research paper. How to Choose a Topic for a Medical Term Paper Usually, a professor has either tell you the exact topic which should be investigated or provide you with the list of appropriate topics. It may happen that you have to choose a topic on your own. In this case, you will be able to research a topic of your interest. Furthermore, you should consider the length of the paper to decide how broad your topic should be. Therefore, if you are asked to write five pages, you can choose a specific issue, but if you have to write ten pages, it will be better to select a broad topic and then focus on its certain matter. What is more, you have to search for recent issues or breakthroughs to choose a relevant topic for your medical term paper. The following list of topics may appear helpful for you to create your own one: Health Institutions in the Developing Countries and Their Influence on Morbidity and Mortality; Organ Transplantation: All Possible Complications; Causes of Child Obesity and Risks of Becoming Overweight Due to Bad Eating and Activity Habits; Drug Facts: Addiction and Substance Abuse and Their Outcomes. 3 Pre-Writing Tips to Follow Before Writing a Term Paper Having chosen the topic for your medical term paper, you may use some prewriting tips to manage your time and efforts efficiently for the great results in academic writing. With the help of prewriting activities, you are able to brainstorm some original ideas and create the outline. Therefore, it saves your time and energy to write an excellent term paper. Keep in mind that the more work you complete during the prewriting stage, the easier it will be to write the first draft. There are several steps of how to start writing your paper. You have to brainstorm to collect all the ideas related to the topic. While completing this stage of prewriting activity, you should not think about spelling or word choice to save time; After having completed the list of the ideas, you have to choose the most compelling ones to expand them in your term paper; You need to draft an outline of your medical term paper to know what kind of information you should include in every section. As a result, if you complete the prewriting stage accurately, it will be easier for you to make a final draft due to the fact that all the ideas and thoughts will be collected. What Sources to Include in a Term Paper When you choose the topic for your paper and come up with some essential ideas for it, you should find some sources of reliable information to support them in detail. You should convince the reader in the veracity of your term paper. Therefore, you may ask your instructor to provide you with some sources or search them by yourself. Take into consideration the following sources: Health Human Services; National Institutes of Health; Bio-Medical Library, etc. You can go to the library since there is a significant number of various journals and magazines, especially medical ones. However, if you are limited in time, you may find some information on the Internet, but you should be careful with websites since some of them may present inaccurate information. To choose appropriate sources for your medical term paper online, you have to pay special attention to the websites which end in .gov and .edu. For instance, the website which ends in .gov is a government-sponsored website. Therefore, it is supposed to be a credible source of information. What is more, it has to be mentioned that the government-sponsored websites may provide you with actual links to different official researches and statistic data. Besides, those websites which end in .edu are designed for educational institutions that makes them credible as well. As a rule, your instructor, who doesn’t give any additional source, state that the process of source selection for the paper is one of the most important processes in writing a medical term paper. It is a good idea to check the research and analytical skills that help you to demonstrate and support your ideas. The way of referencing differs depending on the style of the entire paper. For example, if you are asked to follow an APA style, you should indicate the author’s last name and year of publication in the brackets, while according to MLA style, you have to indicate the author’s last name and page number in the brackets. Moreover, on a separate page, you should create a list of sources that are used in a paper. That is why one may claim that in a medical term paper, sources play a significant role due to the fact that without them you will not be able to support your arguments. The Structure of a Medical Term Paper You Need to Follow Like any other academic essay, the medical term paper has a certain structure which consists of an introduction, body, and conclusion. You should follow this basic structure to present your thoughts clearly. As a consequence, you can make your paper coherent and cohesive. What is more, if you structure your paper properly, it will be easier for you to demonstrate and support your arguments in a logical order. In addition, you should pay attention to the content of your medical term paper. Therefore, you have to conduct a deep analysis of the selected research topic and read some peer-reviewed articles or books to create a well-written paper. As a result, if you structure your term paper well and create compelling and authentic content, you will receive a good mark. What to include in a term paper? Title That Is Eye-Catching When you determine what topic will be explored, you should create a title which will present the material of your medical term paper briefly. What is more important, the title has to be attractive to interest the readers, â€Å"What is in this term paper? I need to read it to the end†. Bear in mind that the title should contain no more than fifty-one symbols with spaces in any academic style. At the same time, keep it simple, informative and focused on the type of research, be it an analysis or case study. So if you state in the paper title that you are going to perform an analysis, you won’t go wrong. Introduction That Makes the Reader Plunge into the Topic This part of your term paper is of high significance due to the fact that it should briefly demonstrate your topic and provide a reader with the background information. In general, this section should present all the important points. Indeed, it should not be so long that the reader gets bored. Therefore, the introductory section should contain only those information that only clues the reader in on the research topic. Moreover, the introduction has a special structure with an opening sentence and thesis statement. If you choose the first topic from the list demonstrated above, first, you can describe how substance abuse impacts people’s behavior in general. Then, you can enumerate the primary effects of substance abuse on a human body according to the particular scientists. Remember that you are not allowed to include any in-text citations in this paragraph. Furthermore, if you want to create a compelling thesis statement, you should have a clear insight into the selected topic to expand it further. Hence, it can be stated that the introduction should provide the reader with a clear picture of the whole paper. Main Body That Supports Your Thesis Statement The central idea of the main part is to support your thesis statement mentioned in the introduction. As a rule, it contains 4 main sections that correspond to methods, results, and discussion. Every logic unit pursues particular aims and objectives accordingly. To make your medical term paper smooth, you have to insert some linking words in order to connect paragraphs with each other. The same as the Introduction section, each part of the main body has a certain structure which consists of a topic sentence, evidence, and concluding sentence. What is more, if you decide to mention some counterarguments, you should create a separate paragraph to make sure that you do not confuse the reader. Unlike the introduction section, you can include some in-text citations to support your points. If you decide to insert quotations, you should not forget to cite them properly. If you do not refer to the source as it is required in style guidelines, your paper will have a high similarity index. Apart from that, this part of the paper may contain a description of some investigations to provide a reader with as many details as possible. With the help of it, the readers will be able to comprehend the matter better. Therefore, it can be stated that the main body is the most important part of the entire paper due to the fact that it presents central viewpoints and convinces readers that your arguments are accurate. Conclusion You Need to Arrive at This part summarizes all points mentioned in the main body in a logical way. Therefore, you have to select the most important information from your paper and present it in the conclusion section. It is important to avoid writing any new information and including in-text citations. Besides, this part of the paper is the last chance to convince the reader it is worth to research a particular issue on Medicine. Moreover, it is necessary to restate your thesis statement and support it with arguments presented in the main body. As a result, one may claim that you should pay special attention to this section to create a logical conclusion of your paper. Additional Visual Parts of Your Medical Term Paper It may happen that you will need to create a chart, diagram to demonstrate some figures and explain them in a clear way. There are plenty of charts, such as pie chart, line chart, flowchart, and bar chart that will be able to help you to demonstrate statistic data and any other data in your medical research paper. With the help of those charts, you can demonstrate different kinds of information that includes figures to support your research. What is more, a reader may compare and contrast the presented information. As a consequence, they can reach a conclusion on their own. Such visuals are effective when you want to compare some results of the different investigations or merely demonstrate the consequences of the experiments. That is why various types of charts are useful while writing a medical term paper. A Bit More from Our Writers: Proofreading Techniques You Should Try Out It is important to proofread your medical term paper by checking for spelling, grammar, and paper’s overall smoothness. You can just reread the paper few days after you complete it. As an alternative, you can ask someone with good reading and academic writing skills to check your essay. Apart from that, you can read the paper out loud to spot run-on sentences and some other issues connected with the paper’s coherence. You should check whether you do not use personal pronouns because it is not recommended to use them in any type of academic essay. What is more, you have to ensure that each of your arguments is portrayed in an appropriate way and readers will be able to understand your points clearly. Consequently, it should be claimed that the proofreading process should contain a few stages to eliminate as many mistakes as possible.

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Mitochondrial Disease, Parkinsons Research Paper

Mitochondrial Disease, Parkinsons - Research Paper Example [Betelham et al 2007] Mitochondria are large organelles about 1 to 2 micrometer in diameter, upto 2000 of which are present in eukaryotic cells and constitute upto 25% of the cellular volume. The outer membrane enclosing the mitochondria is smooth, while the inner membrane is thrown into a series of folds known as the cristae. The space between the two membranes is called the intermembrane space. Both the structure and the quantity of mitochondria in different tissues can differ greatly depending upon the metabolic needs of the tissue. [Koolman et al 2005] Mitochondria play several vital roles in the normal functioning of the cell. Their most important role is in the production of ATP by oxidative phosphorylation. They also serve as reservoirs of calcium within the cells and play a vital role in inducing apoptosis. . [Koolman et al 2005] The vast range of mitochondrial functions are associated with a range of mitochondrial enzymes. "Pyruvate dehydrogenase, the TCA cycle, beta hydroxylation of fatty acids and parts of the urea cycle are located in the matrix. The respiratory chain, ATP synthesis and parts of the heme synthesis pathway are associated with the inner membrane." [Koolman et al 2005, pg 210] One of the unique features of the mitochondria is that they are a self replicating organelle and can replicate independent of the parent cell. The mitochondrial genome is composed of 37 genes. Of these, "24 specify a mature RNA product, 22 molecular tRNA molecules and 2 molecular rRNA molecules. the remaining 13 genes encode polypeptides that are synthesized on the mitochondrial ribosomes [Strachan and Read 2004, pg 243]. Unlike nuclear DNA, mitochondrial DNA is very compact, lacking exons. For this reason any coding error in the mitochondrial DNA is far more likely to be transmitted to successive generations of the cell. However, because of the large number of mitochondria, the overall effect of such a mutation remains small unless transmitted in a gamete to the next generation. Mitochondrial DNA is exclusively maternal in origin being inherited from the egg, not the sperm. Thus the descendents of males affected by mitochondrial diseases are safe from inheriting the disease. The di seases can however affect men and women equally. [Passarge 2006] Some common mitochondrial diseases include: Lebers optic atrophy MELAS (mitochondrial encephalopathy with lactic acidosis and stroke like episodes) Kearns- Sayres syndrome Some familial types of diabetes mellitus Some forms of progressive nerve deafness and antibiotic associated deafness MERRF (myoclonic epilepsy with ragged red fibres) Pearson syndrome [Naviaux 2008] Parkinsons disease is a degenerative disorder affecting the basal ganglia. It causes degeneration of the dopaminergic neurons in the substantia nigra, leading to decreased inhibition of the subthalamic nuclei and more active inhibition of the cortex. Its is characterized clinically by a triad of bradykinesia, tremor and rigidity. The exact cause for the development of parkinsonism has so far remained elusive. A syndrome very similar to parkinsonism is seen to develop in individuals who abuse methyl-phenyl tetra hydropyridine. This lends support to the theory that environmental factors are responsible for the causation of the disease. The current belief is that genetic and environmental factors both have a role to play. There are no diagnostic tests, and the condition is

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Newtons Second Law of Motion Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Newtons Second Law of Motion - Lab Report Example In this lab experiment, we shall focus on the validation of this law by applying the behavior of an almost frictionless motion of a car on a horizontal aluminum track and a constant force T will be applied on the car. This motion will be recorded by a motion sensor and used to analyze this law. From the experiment and data analysis above, a number of things can be noted. The value of gravitational acceleration in the constant mass of the moving system is greater than the expected value of 9.81m/s2. This means that an increase in the value of gravitational acceleration is directly proportional to the net force. An increase in the net force will cause an increase in the gravitational acceleration. In the second experiment, the value of gravitational acceleration towards the sensor is higher as compared to the value of gravitational acceleration away from the sensor. An explanation to this phenomenon can be attributed to the fact that for an object at rest, the force of gravity acts on that particular objects but on the other hand, a counteractive force from the surface acts on it. For an object on a slope, some of the gravitational force is acted upon by the gravitational force that is provided by the slope. The remaining force may force it to move down slope and hence the data collected. This proves that Newton’s second law is followed

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Personnel Management And Human Resource Management Commerce Essay

Personnel Management And Human Resource Management Commerce Essay As per the senior managements comment in the meeting: Our Company is suffering in the marketplace, as we take a personal management approach rather than a HRM approach. Report to answer Managers query: This report has been designed in order to enable the line manager to address the issue raised in the management meeting. What we understand from the managements comments is that our new store of TESCO Company is facing lot of issues and competition at the new market place. Similarities and differences between HRM and personal management? Why senior management of TESCO feels that our new store should take a HRM approach instead of a personal management approach? Personnel management expands into human resource management. In general terms, Personnel management is considered to be an administrative function of an organization. Personnel management is supposed to be organized in such a way that any changes in the organisation stimulate response from personnel management. In an organisation, a person or a team of individuals are believed to be engaged in the process of Personnel management, when they become in charge of considering programs and making sure setting policies are appropriately set so that it can have an impact on every individual associated with the company and its performance. Objective of personnel Management: By this we mean that the focus point through which personnel management is helping in development of the people in the organisation. These objectives can be divided in 4 types: community Personnel Project Amalgamation What is an excellent personnel management: Characteristics of personnel management when it is considered to be excellent has been listed below: Personnel management is expected to bring stability Personnel management should be adaptable and capable to encounter any issue Employee relation management Should have a set objective for the department or the organization Functions of Personnel Management: Following are some of the functions of Personnel Management: Assessing employees requirement Hiring employees Screening of the applicants Selecting the applicants Orientation of the new hired employees towards business 1. 1 Definition of Human Resource Management (HRM)? As per Human resource management, employees are considered the most valuable assets of an organisation. HRM is considered as a development function of an organization. Objectives of Human resource management: Management of the manpower in any company or organisation is human resource management. The main objective of HRM is to increase the efficiency and performance of the employees, staff and other department by identifying the job requirements and hiring the appropriate candidate for that post. This has both development and implementation of strategy. What is good human resource management: HRM is considered to be resource centered. The main functions of HRM are listed below, Recruiting employees Development of training programs Implementation of trusted appraisal system Provide growth opportunity in organisation Performance management HR planning Employee retention Implementation of new resources to increase efficiency of employee etc 1.3 Similarities and differences between HRM and personnel management In this part we will cover some of the similarities and differences between Personnel management and Human resource management. Similarity between HRM and Personnel Management: Even though most of the people try to evaluate the difference between HRM and Personnel management, there are lots of the similarities between these two management systems: Both work on business based strategies Both HRM and Personnel management understands the responsibility of a manager Both believe is getting right candidate for right job Both understand that interaction with employees is the key for the success of management Differences between HRM and personnel management: Stephen and Keith in their works mention Storey Js (1992 twenty seven points of difference between Personnel management and HRM, of which some key differences are: 27 points of difference Dimension Personnel Strategic aspects Key relations Labor management Initiatives Piecemeal Speed of excision Slow Line Management Management Transactional Key managers Personnel/ IR specialists Communication Indirect Key levers Selection Separate, marginal task Pay Job evaluation Communication Restricted flow Conflict handling Reach temporary truces HRM is more proactive when compared to personnel management Personnel management is in general operational whereas HRM is strategy based Personnel management focuses in workforce whereas Human resource on resource. As per personnel management employee is supposed to be utilized for companys benefits but in human resource management, not only the company but also the employee, their family should be given the benefits. In personnel management, employee is considered to be the cost center, whereas in human resource management, they are considered as profit centers Function Personnel Management HRM Approach Administrative Development Selection Targets the current needs Targets the trainability and retention Deployment Need based Skill based Performance Review Supervisor oriented Pre defined targets and goals. Aims for transparency Promotions Based on performance and need Pre developed career path 1.4 Why Senior management TESCO feels that our new store should take a HRM approach instead of a personal management approach? Comments say: à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦that our company is suffering in the marketplace, as we take a personal management approach rather than a HRM approach. At first when we go through the senior managements comments, we dont see any details regarding the reason which has provoked the management to pass this comment. Even though we can clear understand that there is a serious issue that our new store or company is facing in the marketplace. As mentioned earlier reason for the poor performance has not been highlighted in the comment. Based on our assumption we can consider the problems related to staff turnover, customer handling, job satisfaction, etc. The other reason can be that the customers coming to the store are getting poor service and minimal attention to their needs. So based on this we can consider the issue to be the employee management. We know that if the staff performance is not up to the mark, it has a direct impact on the status of the TESCO Company and their other stores as well. The senior management might having the opinion that since this a new store with lots of challenging situation, it required development work. As per the managements comment, we can understand that if we want our store to be successful in the marketplace, we need to start working based on Human resource management. Task 2. Recruitment, selection and retention (L01) We all know that TESCO has both food and non-food store across United Kingdom, and they keep on recruiting staff members on regular basis for these stores as per the requirement. Use of appropriate hiring and selection process not only saves valuable amount of time as well as cash of the company. Any job position becomes available in a company: Opening of new stores Vacancies Sudden requirement at some store 2.1.1 Recruitment and Selection Procedures Usually we will see people getting confused with the terms recruitment and selection. In this section we will clearly explain the difference between Recruitment and Selection process. The HR process has two stages: Recruitment: The process of finding the correct candidates and encouraging them to apply for jobs vacancies in the company is called Recruitment process. Recruitment process involves seven steps: Job vacancies identification Preparing and consolidating specific job requirement Job advertisement Managing the responses received through the advertisement Short-listing the candidates Arranging interviews for the short-listed candidates Conducting interview and deciding on the right applicant There are two methods through which recruitment of an employee can be done: Internal recruitment: Internal recruitment is nothing but Transfers, promotions and Re-employment of ex-employee. This is performed internally in a company External recruitment: In this people are invited to fill in the job application and attend interview. This is outside the company means all the appropriate candidates can apply for the job posting. Recruitment mainly helps company in 4 different ways: Opting for highly qualified people for the job Making sure candidate stick for long time with the company Creating cultural mixture Expense and profit equalizing Selection: Selection is the process of selecting the right candidate out of all the picked candidates. This process involves lot of phases through which an applicant goes through before selection. This is a critical step as in this process the right applicants is selected as per the job opening available in the company. There are four likely out comes of Selection process: Selection of the right applicant (positive for company) Rejection of unsuitable applicant (positive for company) Selection of reject-able applicant (negative for company) Rejection of appropriate candidate (negative for company) Selection process takes place in the following order: Initial interview Application filling Verbal and written test Interview with HR manager Handover of Appointment letter 2.1.2 Tescos Recruitment and selection process TESCO- The biggest private sector employer in United Kingdom There are lot of people who are part of these stores and they are Checkout staffs, Stock handlers, Supervisors and specialist like bakers, pharmacist etc. The Recruitment process in TESCO can be summarized as follows: As Tesco recruitment is mainly done through there website or through job advertisement regarding the vacancies available at the store. This site contains all the information about the company and the requirements for the particular job vacancy. Usually TESCO site is uploaded with all the job vacancies and the candidates just need to search the appropriate job by using search option. One the application is filled, the candidate is called for interview based on screening. Any company first checks on the list of the current employees at different stores and there past work experience at store. As per qualification, education and previous job experiences, initially the candidates will be filtered. Line manager will make sure suitable candidate is selected for our new store. 2.2.3 Sample interview questionnaire: Below are some of the questions asked in interviews; Why do you want to join TESCO? What are reasons for you to leave your previous job? Tell us something about your strengths? What do you consider as your weakness? Are you good at handling work related pressure and stress? What salary expectation you have? Tell us something about yourself? What is your qualification? Tell us something about your previous experiences? What are your expectations from Managers and Team leaders? 2.2 Retention Employees or the staff members are like the back bone for company. No company can work without staff skillful staff members. Commonly employee dissatisfaction leads to resignation, hence as far as employee satisfaction is concerned; being manager of a new store, the responsibility is to achieve not only customer satisfaction but also as employees satisfaction. Employee Retention is created by Effective Managers. As recruiting a skillful staff member is difficult same way retaining them is lot more challenging. Employesses in any company expect compensation, good working environment, career growth and good working relationship. Employees tend to leave managers who cant: Clarify issues Assist in career growth Give regular performance based feedback One way of keeping your cost down will be to make sure that staff turnover is low. 2.2.1 Why Staff leaves the job? In this section we will take a look at some of the reasons that provoke an employee to leave their current job: New job: Every person looks out for better opportunity if they are not finding one their current job. Higher Salaries: This is most common reason for any staff member to leave the job Poor management Human Resources department response to employees Communication Work environment Job satisfaction No growth Biased 2.2.2 Method to retain the Staff members Following are some of the suggestion to increase Staff retention: Recruit people who have talent, ability and ready to work in any position Provide benefits like life insurance, permanent or temporary disability insurance and flexible hours. Regular feedback session based on performance Growth opportunity Celebration at workplace Proper appraisal system Regular appreciation Good work environment Should provide work and life balance opportunity Regularly address is staff issues 2.3 Legal and Ethical Issues in Recruitment Recruitment process is not simple as it sounds. Lot of legal and ethical issues needs to be kept in mind during this process. To meet legal requirement company needs to make sure that Job postings, inspecting references, interview questionnaire, and job offers all need to be done in appropriate way. As per BC Human Rights Code (Discrimination in employment advertisements), a job should not be published if it gives preference to the following: Race/Cast Color Heritage Place of origin Religious conviction Marital category Belief involving politics Family status Age Psychological disability Physical Religious conviction Any applicant can take legal action against the company if the question is in appropriate. In order to keep the staff members aware of the legal and ethical issue pertaining to company, the store manager can provide a handbook once the candidate is selected. An employer should always be ready with the appropriate documents supporting that the job requirements are legal and not against the ethics of the company. 3. Disciplinary Procedures 3.1 Introduction The main focus of implementation of disciplinary process is to bring out improvement in an employee or staff member. Implementation of Disciplinary procedure is very important in any work place. A staff member needs to be aware that when ever there is something going wrong, it was an end result. Whenever any employee breaks policies of the company or doesnt work to their expectation, disciplinary procedures is administered. Usually disciplinary procedure is applied when a staff members performance is below expectation or not up to the mark. Before an appropriate action can be taken disciplinary procedure demands an explanation of the issue from both the sides. There are two ways of handling these situations Informal and formal. An informal step involves talking to the staff personally and internally but a formal step involves other departments like HRM. There are different methods in application of discipline like Warning (verbal or written), Probation, Suspension/ transfer, Demotion, Discharge Below mentioned the issues that have been observed recently in the Store will give a clear understanding about disciplinary procedure: 3.2 Paul Wilkinson Coming late and leaving early Issue: Paul Wilkinson a 44 year old supervisor has recently been coming to work late and leaving early. You have already spoken to him about this, but unfortunately the situation hasnt improved. In this case, Supervisor is expected to be extremely punctual as they act as role models for the new staff. As this is a repeated offence from Pauls side, initially he was given verbal warning but as the situation has not improved, he will be given a written warning. Try to speak to him and offer him some other shift in which he can work with commitment without compromising on the time. Putting him on probation can also a an option. Transferring him another store is just waste of time and cash. It will only hamper other stores performance and reputation as well. Depending on seriousness of the offense, next time can lead in his demotion or removal from the job. To better understand Pauls recent activity, we need to know if He is facing any family or personal issue pertaining to time of work. Is he no longer happy working at the store Reason for his dissatisfaction if any 3.3 Sheena Johnson Stealing in the Store Issue: Sheena Johnson is 28 and a machine operator in the department. You have been informed that security found her stealing some finished and part-finished items from the department. She has been told to report to you at 9 a.m. tomorrow morning. In this case; In Sheenas case, legal action is necessary to be taken to handle this issue. In any industry or organization stealing is against the ethics of the store and legal action can be taken depending on the seriousness of the offence. Being a manager, I need to make sure that this offence is not repeated either by Sheena or anyone else. If this information becomes public, customer will not come into the store as they wont find their articles safe. Before taking legal actions, immediate terminate Sheena from her post and clear the accounts. Order her to return back all the articles stolen from the shop or pay compensation. Other information needed to understand Sheenas activity is From when she has started stealing Possible reason behind this act 4. Summary Management is getting all different kinds of people together and work as a team. We know that the management of personnel and human resource has been changing periodically. Stability in business is important and human resource management and personnel management has an important role to play. Through the above task we have got a clear understanding of how personnel management differs from human resource management as well as similar to each other. Through the report development, we will help the line manager to address the issue pertaining to the new store at the market place. We have discussed how Tesco has been of selecting right candidate through appropriate recruitment and selection process. We discussed about the reasons for the staff members to leave the job and the retention methods that are implemented to retain the skillful employees.

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Parent and Child Relationships Essay

â€Å"I Am Sam† is a powerfully touching film that tells the story of a parent and child’s love for one another. It shows that love is pure, and that no matter how great the mind is, love is even greater. The film’s protagonist is Sam, a mentally-challenged adult with a mental age of 7. Sam has a daughter, Lucy, with a prostitute who left them. Sam works at the local Starbucks to support Lucy, and everything is going along well until Lucy turned 7, because she already surpassed her father’s mental abilities. This creates problems, because early on we see that Lucy is precocious and inquisitive, and she is no longer satisfied with her father’s nonsense answers to her questions. When she starts wanting to read more difficult books than what Sam reads to her, she fakes having difficulty reading so as not to offend her father and make him feel inferior. On Sam’s part, even when he sees that Lucy is already growing up, he tries his best to support her the best way he knows how. Lucy does not see this yet because she is still a child, but she understands that her father is different, but she loves him because he is a very loving father who takes her out to the park and to eat pancakes and generally takes good care of her. Later in the film she is embarrassed when her classmates tease her that her father is a retard that she denies him and tells them that she is adopted. The authorities take her away from Sam, and later on sent to a foster home. When the authorities take Lucy away from him, he does everything he could to get her back. He even gets the fearsome lawyer Rita to help his cause. Rita, a successful and stringent lawyer who values winning more than anything, decides to take Sam’s case just to prove that she is not as selfish as she looks. Through the course of helping Sam, she realizes that Sam is a good father, that Sam’s mental inadequacy has not hampered his ability to love and care for his daughter at all. That in fact, he is a better parent than she is. When at first she sought to win Sam’s case because she did not want to lose, eventually Rita sympathizes with Sam’s cause. Sam visits Lucy regularly, and Lucy realizes that she wants her father back, and that she is going to fight back just to be with him, even if she is smarter than him, even if the world laughs at her for having a retard for a father. At this moment, Lucy has matured, and although she is just 7, she has taken responsibility not only of her own actions, but also decided that she will take care of her father when he could no longer take care of her, that she needs to be smart and capable and strong for the both of them. She saw just how much her father loves her and how he does not give up on her even when she denied him. However, even with Rita’s help, Sam loses the custody battle at court. Sam breaks down as he is convinced that he cannot take care of his own daughter. All this time, he was doing everything he could, enlisting the help of his friends and employers and colleagues to prove that he has what it takes to raise his daughter, but he finally accepts the fact that he is mentally inadequate to give her needs. If he really loves his daughter, he would do what is best for her even if it means letting go of her so that she could be the best that she could be. And Sam does that. He accepts that he cannot take care of Lucy, but even when he concedes, he does not give up on being a father to her. He moves in to an apartment just to be nearer to Lucy, so that even if he cannot raise her at least he could be there for her whenever she needed him, and so that he could watch her grow up. Lucy is hurt that she cannot be with her father, but she takes matters on her own hands, Late at night she sneaks out of her foster home to be with her father. Her foster parents find her out, and she does not deny that she longs to be with her father, even if they think that they can be better parents than him. Eventually, the foster parents let her go back to Sam, for Sam to have custody of her. The film tells us that love is great driving force that cannot be measured by financial success, or by intellectual achievements. Society may look at Sam as a retarded, inadequate man, but he fought for his daughter against all odds, when Lucy’s own mother simply walked out and left them. Lucy was smarter than Sam, but she learned about love from her father because he showered her with it. That is why even when she was presented with a better future with a â€Å"better† set of parents, she still chooses to go back to Sam, because she knows that her father loves her and she loves him. At the end, the film teaches us what a parent can give best to his child, and what a child needs most from a parent – love. And that is something that cannot be bought or substituted with material things, because children will always know if their parents have shown them enough love.

Friday, January 10, 2020

Devoted Son

Analytical essay In the story â€Å"The devoted son† by Anita Desai. The author illustrates strong and vivid meaning in the depth of the story. The Author portrays a truth. No matter how well progressive one is, tradition will always counter it.Rakesh’s Father went ill and sick even though he was under a professional doctor who was also his son â€Å"One day when the father was really sick, having ordered his daughter-in-law to make him a dish of soojie halwa  and eaten it with a saucerful of cream, Rakesh marched into the room, not with his usual respectful step but with the confident and rather contemptuous stride of the famous doctor, and declared, â€Å"No more  halwa  for you, papa. We must be sensible, at your age. If you must have something sweet, Veena will cook you a little  kheer, that’s light, just a little rice and milk.But nothing fried anything rich. We can’t have this happening again. †(Desai, 79). We see essentialism, where the father expects his son to get him what he wants. At the same time we see Marxist theory where shift in the balance of power happens. Before the father had the power to tell his son what to do, and it seems like the father is still used to it. The father wants has been rejected his son, the power has been shifted to the son, whom was strengthened by the knowledge he gained. Not to say his knowledge was wrong though.The father then sits shocked with his eyes widely pierced out (Desai, 79). The tradition of the father kicks in because it was against the child to object on the father’s needs and wants. The essentialism here is clear. And that the shift in balance of power happens because of knowledge. Secondly Even though Rakesh has succeeded in prolonging his father’s life, Old Varma wanted to die. The medicines Rakesh’s father takes actually did make his father live longer and healthy, but actually he just also made his father hate living and suicidal.Superego can be seen here because Rakesh sees that the right thing is that medicine and Vitamins pills will only cure his father. From the Knowledge and experience Rakesh had as a doctor, he knew exactly what his father should eat, the doze and the number of times a day. His purpose was only to make his father live longer. On the Other side Old Varma’s point of view is that his son is limiting his food for him, limiting the quality of the food, limiting the number of times he can eat. Rakesh rejects his father’s desires, where Varma sees it as torture. He complains to his neighbour about that.He doesn’t even want to live anymore so he tells Rakesh â€Å" Let me die, it would be better, I do not want to live only to eat your medicine† Clearly an image of depression and mental illness is seen through Rakesh’s father, Even though Rakesh just wanted to make his father live longer. This relates to the truth, where Rakesh’s knowledge is countering his fat her’s Traditional desires to halawi and Jaledi and other sorts of food which Varma is used to and enjoys eating. This leads to the father desiring death, and waiting for god to take him. Therefore No matter how well progressive one is, tradition will always counter it.In the story â€Å"What is poverty† by T. Dalymple. He illustrates an important message that every country has its own definition of poverty. Corruption has started by the government. â€Å"They'll find her a new flat. They'll buy her new furniture, television, and refrigerator, because it's unacceptable poverty in this day and age to live without them†¦ She’ll invite him there, he'll smash it up again, and then they'll find her somewhere else to live. There is, in fact, nothing she can do that will deprive her of the state's obligation to house, feed, and entertain her. ( Daliymple,3) The implicit meaning of this quote is that the British government will buy her a new place to stay, includin g the necessity and appliances. The man will get away though. In the end the guy will come back and damage the house and all this will repeat over and over. One of the literary devices in this quote is sarcasm. â€Å"†¦because it's unacceptable poverty in this day and age to live without them. [ furniture, television, and refrigerator]† The author sarcastically expresses his opinion on poverty in UK. It is not that important to have T.V or furniture or fridge; those items are for luxurious purposes. This portrays how high the standard of poverty in UK is. Although that sounds like a good thing, it actually is not. They get spoiled by luxury. Making them unable to see how hard it is to afford a flat or a television. This quote also has situational irony. This is because the women’s flat got damaged by her Ex-boyfriend, and even though she gets her rights from the law and gets a new house, she still will invite him over so he can damaged her new house again.This sho ws how laid back the British citizens are specifically the ones living on the poverty line. In this case the woman abuses the law since she doesn’t care about the house. She didn’t pay for the flat. Who actually paid for it, are the rich people paying their taxes. This leads to the theory of representation, where those couples represent how laid back and lazy the British people whom are living on poverty are. The government’s opinion of how their society should be like and how the poverty standard should be spoils the society. Making them not feel how hard it is to work for getting a house or cleaning is.The government made the British citizens corrupted with their high standard of living, making poverty have a different meaning. In UK, poverty means to have T. V and a house given by the government along with the furniture. Secondly, the narrator shows how the British culture is falling behind. The narrator kept referring to the other 3rd world doctors that work with him. He portrays how dependant UK citizens are on the government, how they do not care of cleaning and their life has no order or appreciation and disrespectful culture. This shows Discrimination theory of difference.The author shows that the British’s culture has an unhealthy essential life, versus the third world, where they work had to achieve a house, water or luxurious items. Narrator talks about the struggle going on to achieve a house. How the poverty is in India and Philippines. The author also illustrates the difference between the amount of respect given to the doctor between UK and 3rd world countries. UK had the man who cursed the doctors, but in 3rd world countries they probably will thank the doctors for helping them with their issues.Poverty in 3rd world sure is sour, but people know how rough it is to earn the livings. While as UK’s poverty has a very high standard, the citizens do not know how hard it is to live, and they abuse the laws. Therefor e every country has it is own definition of poverty. In the documentary â€Å"Ban into Brothers†, Briski gives her view on an extremely important message. This message is that parents and society are the major influences on a child's future. Briski interviewed a boy who lived a miserable and struggling life. His name was Avijit. There is nothing called hope in my life† (Briski), said Avijit. Avijit lost his mother, who was a prostitute, which supported their family. On the other hand, Avijit is a drug addict (hash). Basically, Avijit is living in the very lowest class. He has no home, and education is not easy for him. Avijit says: â€Å"We don't have enough time to live let alone to study. † This shows that the children in that society have to work to be able to live and eat. Lastly, Briski illustrates Puja as a solid representation of feminisms in that community and the true power that women have.Puja's families are all prostitutes. Her mother is a prostitute, as well as her grandmother. Although Puja dresses well and eats well, the method being used to support her and her family is entirely wrong. This leads to the analytical theory of commodotisation. Puja's lives in a society where prostitution is the only opportunity for females to support themselves and their families with enough money. This is evident when Puja's family pulls her out of school early in order to make more money, sooner, to better support their family. Puja's future is not bright at all.Her family and her environment have ruined her life, and any hopes and dreams that Puja has for her future. She was destined to be a prostitute and sell her body, just like her older generations. Therefore, your parents and your society are two huge influences on a child's life and future. In conclusion, in all 3 previous steps, there is one common truth. In the stories of â€Å"What is poverty† by T. Dalymple, â€Å"The devoted son† by Anita Desai, and â€Å"born into b rothels† by Zana Briski we see the common universal truth of, Education and Society raises one’s level into the world and community.In The devoted son, we see that Rakesh was very well educated; his society was not a problem. Rakesh grew up to become a doctor. He became wealth. He stood out in his community. He was very well known, and people loved him. His father also was proud of him; they did not suffer from any health or financial issues. Rakesh was lucky to be one of the people whom are on the higher level. On the other hand the documentary of â€Å"Born into Brothels† Though the opposite was seen where children living in that society could not even taste hope.That society only allowed the girls to become prostitutes and men to become pimps if they wanted to make money to live with the basic physiological needs. Others in that society couldn’t travel, just for living in that society; others found schooling not possible because their mother is a prosti tute or a slave. Children mentioned in that movie, such as Puja and Avijit, they are living in the lowest level in their community and in the world. In the story â€Å"what is poverty† by T. Dalymple. Poverty had a higher standard, where television and fridge was provided. But the society had struggles within itself.Lack of independency, and feeling the pain to earn money made them blind and turn into disrespectful, ungrateful, lazy, unhealthy community. They are living a good life maybe, but the society is not very well developed. People living in that poverty can be on the middle level. Without education, one cannot raise his level in the world, and without a proper society people will not have a healthy good future. Education and society are like stairs, where one needs it to go up higher, higher in terms of living standard. Therefore Education and the Society raise one’s level into the world and community.